Barony of the Middle Marches

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Upcoming Local Events!

On January 10th, 2015, our Barony will be coming together once again to celebrate family and friends at Middle Marches Twelfth Night. There will be classes, round-tables, a mead hall feast and more! See you there!


Our Baron and Baroness are always looking for opportunities to help our Barony shine. In keeping with that, they have put together some ideas for Baronial Initiatives that our populace might pursue in the coming year. If you are interested in running or assisting with any of these projects, please contact Baron Marcus or Lady Maggie. Chevron Invictus!

UPDATE (11/16/2014): Many populace members have expressed interest in these ideas, and several have volunteered their time and expertise to help get them started. Check below for updates and further openings!

1.      Baronial Combat Archery Unit

As part of the Baron’s responsibilities to maintain a strong Baronial presence on the list and melee fields, we would like to create a Baronial Archery Corps. This would be organized as a separate unit from the armored Baronial levy, and commanded by a lieutenant appointed by the Baron. Archers would be recruited from the Baronial populace that is not already participating as an armored combatant, but has an interest in supporting the Baronial efforts in a less high-impact way.

This Initiative will be spearheaded by Her Excellency Eilis the Stone, Sir Diglach mac Cein, Lord Luca Sogliano, Baron Marcus, and Lady Brighid. Her Excellency will be serving as the first commander of the unit, and the archery corps shall be known as Her Excellency’s First Artillery. Stay tuned up for updates and opportunities to participate!

2.      New Banners

The Baronial banners in the regalia are really showing their age/wear. A new set of banners would ideally include two to four modern cloth square or rectangular (“classic SCA”) banners, and two to four late-period silk banners. It would also be appropriate to make banner poles and stands, as the current poles are either in poor condition or our personal banner poles, and there are currently no Baronial owned banner stands.

This Initiative will be spearheaded by THL Sarai Tindall. She will be seeking volunteers and organizing crafting days to complete this project. Stay tuned up for updates and opportunities to participate!

3.      Baronial Coins

Over the last few months since the introduction of Middle Marches currency (the Baronial coins) at the Championships event, the populace has responded with approval and overall enthusiasm to the concept. The original supply was coins seemed large at the time, however the distribution of the coins caught on more quickly than we anticipated, and the supply is starting to run short. We would like to order a larger supply of coin blanks, and use the dyes we already have to start producing Baronial coins and distribute them to the populace through various methods.

This Initiative will be spearheaded by Lord Luca Sogliano. He will be researching financially feasible routes to procure an increased treasury of Baronial coinage, and organizing the necessary work days to create them. Stay tuned up for updates and opportunities to participate!

4.      Storage Unit

Over the course of the years, the Baronial inventory has grown. Currently, there is a moderate to large amount of property that is being stored in the Baron and Baroness’s home. It is currently unknown where there is any Baronial property being stored elsewhere. Given the nature of our game, the Baronial inventory is only going to increase in the short and long term. We feel that an alternate storage solution is becoming necessary.

This Initiative will be spearheaded by Lords Ullium and Boldewyn. They will be researching several options for storage and presenting them to Their Excellencies and Lady Maggie for review and approval. Stay tuned up for updates and opportunities to participate!

5.      Armored/Rapier Loaner Gear

Currently, there is no loaner gear of any kind that is owned by the Barony. We would like to start exploring options to make/procure a base level of loaner gear for armored combat. We should start small with two or three sets of basic leather and plastic armor, with the cheapest spun top helms we can find, (or get donated). It would also make sense to have three or four loaner swords and a couple of shields. All items would be clearly marked as baronial property, and never loaned out, only used on the spot and returned at the end of whatever meeting/practice they are used at.

This Initiative will be spearheaded by Sir Diglach mac Cein, in his capacity as Baronial Marshal. Stay tuned up for updates and opportunities to participate!

6.      Fiber Arts Guild

The Barony currently has no formal guilds. While guilds are not a necessary, or even particularly common, organization in the SCA, we feel that semi-formal guilds could be a tool used in the Barony to bring people of like-mind closer together and encourage greater cross-shire participation. We would like to task a fiber arts person in the Barony to start organizing craft meetings for current and interested practitioners, with the idea that these meetings would become more organized over time, leading to the formation of a guild. Hopefully, successful formation of this guild will lead to others being organized.

This Initiative will be spearheaded by Mistress Gillian. She will be organizing the Guild and setting up meetings and other avenues for the fiber artists of the Barony to display their skill. Stay tuned up for updates and opportunities to participate!

7.      Target Archery Practices/Workshops

We have a not insubstantial number of Baronial populace members who participate in target archery. Currently, however, there is not very much of an organized Baronial program in place to support that activity. We would like to have the Barony start sponsoring archery practices at commercial ranges, as well as organize workshop days for people to learn archery skills and learn to maintain their equipment.

This initiative would be spearheaded by a single person who would work closely with the Baron and Baroness as well as with the Baronial Archery Marshal, to organize range and workshop days.

8.      List Field Equipment

Currently, the Barony does not have any list field equipment in its inventory. We feel that it would be appropriate to make list field fences (ropes and poles), as well as some other equipment to set up armored and rapier lists. The Barony is also in need of a higher quality tournament tree.

This initiative would be spearheaded by a volunteer group who would draw up plans for list field fencing and a tournament tree. Once those plans are approved by the Baron, Baroness, and Seneschal, they would organize craft days for construction.

9.      Water Cooler

Currently, the Barony has one 5-gallon cooler that was donated by House Effervo. We would like to get one more cooler so that we can offer both water and Gatorade at Baronial events. We would also like to have cooler covers made out of cloth, so that the coolers aren’t so blatant.

This Initiative will be spearheaded by Lady Aasa and Lord Diccon. Stay tuned up for updates and opportunities to participate!

10.  Baronial Directory

The Barony of Flaming Gryphon has a practice of publishing a baronial directory. It is a bound document that is basically a phone-book. It contains a list of populace members with a brief description and contact information. We would like to gauge interest in a similar publication in the Middle Marches.

Ideally, the document would be not only a phone book style directory, but would also contain a “yellow pages” section, where people could look for populace members who are considered resources in a given subject area.

This Initiative will be spearheaded by THL Gunnar Siggurdson, and Lord Rhydderch of Briarwood. They will be starting the process of collecting data and compiling it for the Directory. Stay tuned up for updates and opportunities to participate!

11.  Baronial Rapier Army

The Middle Marches has always enjoyed a presence on the armored melee field. Over the last few years, however, the SCA has seen greater focus on rapier melee. Currently, there is no organized rapier unit for the Barony. We would like to change that.

This initiative would be spear headed by a single person appointed by the Baron. This person will be considered a lieutenant to the Baron, equal to the commander of the combat archery unit. This person will be responsible for recruiting, organizing, and commanding the Baronial Rapier Unit.