Barony of the Middle Marches

Baron and Baroness


Baron Marcus Pinarius Draconarius
Baroness Eilis the Stone
Kelly Parks
Valerie Parks
3097 Norwood Street, Columbus, Ohio 43224

The Baron and Baroness, referred to as their Excellencies, are the direct representatives of the Crown of the Middle Kingdom to the populace of the Barony. The B&B are charged with relaying and enacting the commands of the Dragon Throne, as well as being the conduit of the populace to the ear of Their Royal Majesties. The B&B are empowered by the Crown to hold Baronial Courts at the request of the Crown as well as at their own discretion, where they conduct items of business such as naming new baronial officers and recognizing members of the populace with baronial awards.

Originally, there were no term limits for this office, but now it is customary for a five year term limit to be observed. The Middle Marches has only had seven terms of landed baronetcies, despite being the second oldest barony in the kingdom. Baron Marcus and Baroness Eilis were invested in October, 2012, and their term will be up in 2017.

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