Barony of the Middle Marches

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Thousands of people across the world have discovered our non-profit organization, and have been participating in thousands of events world-wide every year. The SCA has been providing people with the resources to learn about the Middle Ages in friendly, fun, supportive environment for decades.

Whether you are interested in recreating the combat of the Middles Ages, learning about the history of your favorite civilization, or learning how to dance, make clothing, and make beautiful and useful things out of leather, metal and wood, you’ll be able to find out all about it at your local SCA meeting.

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Do you have a kids? Have you been looking for educational activities to do with your kids that you’ll ALL have fun doing? The SCA has a thriving youth activities community that is both fun and safe for kids of all ages. Check out our Family Activities page for more information.

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Information about joining and participating in the SCA can easily be found online. Our Links page has some great jumping off points for getting informed about how all this works. You can also look through the informational pamphlets and guides that have been created specifically for new members on our Newcomers Information page.